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Staff Services


Once a staff member is hired and all paperwork is completed, one of two things will happen:

  1. if the staff member is new to the profession and has never worked for the state of NC, payroll (Finance – Kim Cramsey) files a request with the state of NC to create an id number referred to as the NCUID (North Carolina User Identifier)
  2. If the staff member is coming from another NC school district, the NCUID will need to be released for their former district to be pulled into RSS. Finance – Kim Cramsey is the point of contact for this.
  3. Once the staff member’s NCUID is assigned with RSS, the staff member must “claim their account” through the IAM interface found on the district website>Staff Links (see screenshot).
  4. Once staff have claimed their account, the site’s data manager will manage the teacher’s account for login, etc.

Temporary Email Account Form

Password Reset (NervePoint)

Email Account Lockout Info

Managing Distribution Groups

Educator HandbookSee your data Manager to register
Teacher Websites

Log in with and email password


RSS id and email password

Fresh Service

Fresh Service Guide

Student Services

ServiceLog InNotes

Allows students access to Student Portal in PowerSchool to see their grades and attendance

For elementary grades, the teachers issues student accounts (see video)

For grades 6 – 12, the student must claim their account the same way as staff. Teachers have the capability to manager the accounts.

Google address

You account ends in

Teachers log in with their long email address and students log in with their regular credentials.

Clever address

Log email and normal email password

Students-normal log in credentials or use a badge

Badges are available for K-5th graders. New badges can be printed by looking at the student profile and their is a link at the top to print a badge.

Discovery Education

Students: normal credentials

Teachers: NCUID and email password

Log in through Clever or use Staff Links if Clever goes down

If a placeholder was used for classes over the summer, the teacher of record has to be assigned to the class in DE. The TF and School Admin have the rights to reassign classes to the correct teacher of record.

If a high school class is marked for benchmark testing, the grade level and subject must be correct in order for a benchmark to be assigned. For example: If the high school American History class is marked for benchmark testing, the grade level must be changed to high school (HS) and the subject selected must be “social studies” (see example below)

Rosters: Students are automatically added but are not removed. Teachers can manually remove students from rosters.

SchoologyRSS ID and email password

Must use to log in, do not go directly to

If you are having trouble getting grades to sync with PowerSchool, note that grade categories in Schoology and PowerSchool must be mapped.

Schoology sends grades to PowerTeacher but will not pull grades out of PowerSchool.

The grade in PowerSchool is the official grade of the student.

Smarty AntsTeacher: the first part of the email that is in PowerSchool and the user name assigned by the company.

Manual update by teacher unless a student moves within the county. If a student moves within the county (transfers from one school to another),

the receiving school creates a Technology Service Ticket in order for the student to be moved. This prevents the student from losing data.

Achieve 3000CleverCan also use this link, but will not automatically log in.


Quick reference Guide for Phone Features

Caller ID changes - Submit Fresh Service ticket for name/room changes 

Fax Instructions 

General Phone information

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