Superintendent's E3 Message

Superintendent's E3 Message

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Message from Dr. Moody: 

Be An Original.

We have a great and unique community. I love the new branding for Rowan County to “Be An Original.” This is what we teach our children. Together we lead them into opening their minds to all kinds of possibility and opportunities in finding their own original skills and talents. It is an honor to work with our students, staff, partners and supporters. The momentum for success is escalating, and it is happening in the Rowan-Salisbury Schools.

Experience The Power of Rowan-Salisbury Schools

In early April, through a sponsorship with Discovery Education and other partners, we hosted a first-time ever event titled, “Experience the Power of a New Public Education." Over 200 leaders from across the country attended and had the opportunity to tour schools in the district hearing from students and teachers about:

  • Personalized Learning through Guided Instruction
  • Blended Learning
  • Innovative Data Rooms
  • Independent Student Learning – Power U
  • Farm to Table Lunch Prepared by Students
  • Discovery Education Techbooks
  • Collaborative Spaces
  • Station Rotation
  • Achieve3000
  • Problem-Based Learning

AND so much more...

The event included my Student Leadership Team presenting poster sessions on how to improve high schools. In addition, we sponsored a vendor fair and unveiled the “Educator’s Playground” – an innovative place for teachers to experiment and experience up and coming new technology to use in the classroom. A special highlight of the first day’s events included an ‘Inspire’ play produced by the Theater Arts students at Jesse Carson High School.

Visitors experienced first-hand that Rowan-Salisbury Schools is an original!

National and State Recognitions

In addition to our recent visitors seeing our initiatives and accomplishments, as a district the work of our students and educators has gained national and state recognitions as well.

We are excited to be Nationally Ranked in the “Top 10” districts from across the country for technology uses for student success.  During this amazing year, we also received the:

  • National Digital Curriculum Strategy Award
  • National Digital Content & Curriculum Achievement Award
  • National “Top 20 to Watch” Educator’s Award (presented to Andrew Smith)
  • Discovery Education’s Innovation in Education Award
  • State Excellence in Educational Programs Award
  • State Excellence in Communication, Public Relations & Marketing Awards
  • State “Team to Watch” Award (Knox Middle Team Harvard Teachers)

These honors belong to all of us and indicate the hard work of our students and staff.

It is a most powerful time of year!

As we approach the closing of another school year, this is the time of year when we could easily start counting the days until summer break. It would be easy to begin to focus on an ending to our school year instead of realizing that we have actually arrived at a powerful time in our school year.

In athletics, this time refers to a combination of factors that result in powerful hits to the finish. In education, this is our time to pull together all that we have and are accomplishing in the classroom and at home, revisit our goals and fill in the gaps, analyze where we are, and feel that surge of energy to prepare our children with confidence in who they are and what they know.  This is the time to be at our very best game for our children!

I want to encourage all our staff, parents and community partners to revamp goals and dream big!  Set new goals that exceed expectations and put actions to those big dreams. Make the very most of the time we have right now. Together, we have a chance to accomplish something really big with our students!

And as summer begins, I challenge you to continue to work with your children to grow their literacy skills.  Designate a special time that you can join your children in reading. By letting them see you read, they learn that this is a routine part of the day that is both enjoyable and relaxing. You would be amazed at how this simple scheduling for quiet reading time will give children an edge on beginning a new school year.

Let’s keep moving forward together!

Lynn Moody, Ed.D.
Rowan-Salisbury Schools


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About the "Superintendent's E3 Messages"

Dr. Moody believes in staying connected with all the district's staff that equates to about 3,000 employees. Through E3 messages, staff can stay abreast about what is happening in schools across the district that are promoting student achievement and success through the 2014-2017 Rowan-Salisbury Strategic Plan goals and objectives.

LIteracy and Student Engagement are the focus areas in the Strategic Plan. E3 messages inform staff how this focus is creatively and successfully being carried out through instructional learning transformation:

  • Collaboration
  • Connected Learning
  • Relevancy
  • Personalization

E3 messages tell the stories of how CCRP is transforming learning environments in individual schools across the district as well as through district sponsored professional development training and events.

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