State Accountability Report - Positive 3-Year Trends For RSS

September 7, 2017 Press Release - 

Schools Meeting or Exceeding Growth Continue to Climb ~ 63% of High Schools Increased Their Graduation Rates

2017 RSS Accountability 3-Year Trends in Achievements

Rowan-Salisbury Schools received great news from the State’s 2016-2017 READY Accountability Report released today by the State Board of Education. The big news is that:

  • For two consecutive years, Rowan-Salisbury has met growth as a district
  • First A+NG School with No Gaps in subgroups – Rowan County Early College
  • A three-year trend illustrates an upward climb in the number of schools meeting or exceeding growth

This means the majority of district schools either met or exceeded growth over a three-year period of time. In 2015, 16 schools met or exceeded growth and in 2017 this number climbed to 24 schools. 

The 2015 State Ready Results indicated that 15 Rowan-Salisbury schools met growth, with one school exceeding growth. We are excited that the 2017 State Ready results indicate that 24 schools have met or exceeded growth:

 8 Schools Exceeded Expected Growth

  • Faith Elementary
  • Granite Quarry Elementary
  • Knollwood Elementary
  • Landis Elementary
  • Woodleaf Elementary
  • China Grove Middle
  • North Rowan Middle
  • Jesse Carson High

16 School Met Expected Growth

  • Bostian Elementary
  • China Grove Elementary
  • Cleveland Elementary
  • Enochville Elementary
  • Hanford Dole Elementary
  • Hurley Elementary
  • Isenberg Elementary
  • Morgan Elementary
  • Mt. Ulla Elementary
  • North Rowan Elementary
  • Overton Elementary
  • Shive Elementary
  • Southeast Middle
  • East Rowan High
  • Rowan County Early College
  • South Rowan High

“As an educational system, we strive to prepare students to excel academically,” says Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education Chair Josh Wagner. “However, this is only a small part of the overall goal. The larger goal is to help students develop as individuals.”

Three years ago, the district implemented a new 3-year ‘aggressive’ strategic plan that identified two main focus areas:

  1. Literacy
  2. Student Engagement

“Although the state accountability report shows us one way to measure student achievement, I believe this reports does solidify that our strategic plan is working and showing positive results for our students,” says Rowan-Salisbury Superintendent Dr. Lynn Moody.  Wagner adds that, “We want to see students who can think, students who can empathize, students who can care for others, and students who can have an impact in their community. In order for this to occur, we must help students see their potential as people, not merely as students.”


With the district’s focus on literacy and student engagement as defined in the 2014-2017 Strategic Plan, Rowan-Salisbury is excited to announce that during this 3-year implementation:

  • 95% of elementary schools met or exceeded growth
  • 86% of middle and high schools increased in school performance
  • 74% of schools increased in performance composite

 In addition:

  • Elementary & Middle schools increased in
    • Reading
    • Math
    • Science
  •  High Schools increased in English II EOC scores


“Transforming the teaching and learning environment is hard work,” says Moody. “It can take up to eight years to see the results of a total transformation. Most of our changes happened during the first year of implementing our strategic plan,” says Moody.  “We changed so much that year, with many of our teachers became first-year teachers all over again. The last two years we concentrated on implementing the changes.”

 A few of the new strategies that occurred were:

  • A 1:1 Digital Conversion
  • A new Literacy Framework
  • Literacy & Reading Coaches at Each School
  • Technology Facilitators at Each School
  • New Collaborative Student Learning Spaces
  • Implementing Achieve3000 to target personalized reading growth
  • Moving from text books to digital tech books
  • Increasing the focus on examining and using data
  • Implemented a deeper focus on personalized learning

"Standardized test scores are still significant but are not sufficient in telling our whole story of how our students are growing and engaging in learning every day. We wanted to be sure that our teachers are provided with the most up-to-date resources and support systems for their classrooms to help our children grow,” says Moody.

Graduation Results

For the most part, the Rowan-Salisbury graduation rate remained steady.

  • The district’s Graduation Rate for 2016-2017 is 83 percent
  • 63% of Rowan-Salisbury high schools increased/maintained their graduation rates:
    • Henderson Independent
    • East Rowan High
    • North Rowan High
    • Rowan County Early College
    • West Rowan High

Another exciting statistic for Rowan-Salisbury high schools is the increase in the amount of scholarships offered to students that graduated in June 2017.

  • $25.9 Million Offered in Scholarships

Since the implementation of the strategic plan, the amount of scholarships offered to students has risen from $7,844,484 in June of 2013 to almost $26 million in June of 2017. “Students having access to laptops allow them, along with their parents, more opportunities to research and apply online for scholarships and grants,” comments Dr. Eisa Cox, Rowan-Salisbury Executive Director for Secondary Education.

“We know we are not where we want to be at every school, at every grade level, in every classroom,” says Moody. “But we are extremely encouraged with the overall indications that we are heading in the right direction. We will continue to stay the course helping each other through the transformation. We are a community of schools, and I am grateful for all our partnerships on this journey.”

Chairman Wagner concludes that, “I believe that our system is making great strides. With that said, the difficult and delicate work continues. Although the path we take is often up hill, I truly believe that the view from the top will be worth the journey.” 

More information and accountability data may be obtained from the NC DPI website at:


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