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    We are going to have a RECORD BREAKING year!



Ms. Rachel Karriker

This is my third year at Morgan Elementary and I love it! I was inspired to become a teacher after having many positive interactions with my teachers in school. The way these teachers inspired, influenced, and encouraged me pushed me to do my very best and answer my calling to become a teacher. I graduated from Western Carolina University in 2009 with a degree in Elementary Education and a concentration in English.


With YOUR help, we can make this school year a wonderful year for your child. 

Talk to me! Click the microp​hone to send me an email. 

704-636-0169 ext. 113


May 6- Progress Reports

May 10- Hat Day

May 27- Memorial Day (No School)

June 7- Field Day/Last Day of School (Report Cards go home after 11:30)


Phonics Letters

Previous Letters: Ee, Ss, Aa,Mm, Ii, Oo, Hh, Pp, Uu, Tt, Kk, Gg, Rr, Nn, Bb, Vv, Dd, Ll, Qq, Zz, Yy, Ww, Ff, Jj, Xx, Cc


Reading Skills

Blending sounds to make words

Writing sentences by sounding out each word (at least the first and last sound)

Digraph and Blends (sh, ch, th, st, cr, etc.)

Spelling popcorn words, correctly in writing (on own, or using class word wall)

Nonfiction Text

Retelling story events in the order they happened



Writing sentences by sounding out each word

Adding details to writing (pictures and words)

Capitalize first word of a sentence and end with punctuation.

Use appropriate spacing in writing


Count orally from 1-100 (Work on counting as high as you can in one minute)

Fluently add and subtract using numbers 0-5

Recognize and write numbers 11-20

Comparing Numbers (Which is larger/smaller? Put numbers in order 7,8,9)

Social Studies

Explain how people adapt to change

Maps and Locations


Weather Changes



Websites for your Child:

Starfall.com is an excellent website for your child. It helps them with their phonemic awareness as well as their reading skills.

wegivebooks.org is another awesome website. There are tons of books on this website that you can check out and read as a family. 

Kindergarten Sight Words

the, of, and, a, to, in, is, you, that, he,was, for, on, are, as,
with, his, it, at, be, this, have, from, they, I

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