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Wendy E. Eller

Morgan Elementary School

Title I Reading Specialist


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End of the Year Benchmark Testing

Kindergarten through fifth students will have reading levels and basic math skills assessed beginning April 28th.

Amplify Reading 3D and Aimsweb diagnostic programs will be used to evaluate each students' reading level and fluency in completing foundational math skills.  

The information received from this testing will be used by classroom teachers and specialist to provide more individualized instruction for students.

Parents may contact the classroom teachers for more specific information regarding individual student performance on these assessments.


End of Year Title I Parent Surveys

Title I Parent Surveys were sent home the week of March 31st with five students from each homeroom.

The surveys need to be returned to homeroom teachers by April 18th.



Spring Break    April 21st-25th





Title I Staff Members

Wendy Eller, Title I Teacher

Sherry Kluttz, Title I Tutor

Bonnie Rollins, Title I Tutor

Carla Sprinkle, Title I Tutor



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