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Welcome to Ms. Salow's fifth grade class information site.  Please e-mail any questions to: salowlm@rss.k12.nc.us


                          Daily Schedule

                  7:45-8:10 = Morning procedures

                         8:10-10:10 = Reading/Language Arts

                               10:10-11:10 = Science & or Social Studies

11:10-11:40 = Lunch

           11:40-12:10 = Remediation

12:10-1:40 - Math

1:40-2:10 = Recess

                                    2:10-2:55 = Enhancements or remediation 


5th Grade Science and Math Vocabulary Terms
  weather Jet Stream El Nino
  hygrometer barometer anomometer
  thermometer high pressure
  Low pressure front La Nina
  climate place value power of 10
  exponent base number tenth
  hundredth thousandth decimal
  expanded form written form fraction
  pull meter digits
  P.E.M.D.A.S. whole number numbers


  Science or Social Studies









Body System Links








Language Arts

















  Spelling Homework Choices


Monday: Choose one of the following.

Write the words 3 times each, making the vowels different colors.
Type your words 5 times each on a computer.  Change the font and size.
Write your words in cursive and then write the number of syllables after each word.

Tuesday:  Choose one of the following.

Write a variation of 10 spelling words; example   run, running. ran
Write a paragraph or story with at least 10 words.
Use Scrabble page in agenda to find out the score or points of 10 words.  Write a sentence telling which word is worth the most points.

Wednesday:  Choose one of the following.

Write alliteration sentences for 10 Spelling words.
List each word under its part of speech label. (nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjective, other)
Fill in a phonemic awareness chart for 10 spelling words.

Thursday:  Choose an activity from above that you haven’t done yet. OR Make a crossword puzzle using http://www.puzzlemaker.com

Each night’s homework is due the next day.

If you are absent, don’t worry about making up the homework assignment.



    Dates to Remember;

August 22 = Open House

August 25 = First Day of School

September 1  Labor Day Holiday-NO SCHOOL

September 9  Assembly- Treasure Trove of Conservation Cove: A Pirate’s Tale 

9:00 & 9:35

September 10  Fall/Yearbook Pictures

September 16  Boy Scout visits start @ 1:30

September 16  Reading Night 2nd & 3rd grades 6 - 7:30

September 17  Boy Scout evening meeting

September 24  Mid-Quarter Progress Report

October 14  PTA Program-1st grade program 6:30

October 24  End of 1st grading Period (44 days)

October 27  School Workday -NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

October 28 – 31 STEM Bus visit 2nd & 4th grades

October 29  Student ID & Fingerprints

November 4  1st Report Card issued

November 11  Veteran’s Day- NO SCHOOL

November 12  Make up & Holiday Pictures

November  18  Reading Night – Book Swap 6 – 7:30

November 26  No School - Annual Leave

November 27-28 Thanksgiving Holiday

December 3  Mid-Quarter Progress Report

December 9  PTA Program-3rd & 4th  program 6:30   

December 22  Early Release Day/Staff Development

December 23  No school - Annual Leave

December 24-26 Christmas Holiday

December 29-31 No school - Annual Leave

January 1  New Year’s Day Holiday

January 2  No School - Annual Leave

January 13  Math Night 6 – 7:30

January 16  End of 2nd grading period (46 days)

January 19  Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday- NO SCHOOL

January 20 & 21 School Workdays-Required- NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

January 29  2nd Report Card Issued

February 4  Class Group Pictures  

February 13  Early Release/Staff Development

February 16  School Workday- NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

February 20  PTA-Talent Show 6:00

February 24  Mid-Quarter Progress Report

March 10  Science Night  6 – 7:30

March 25  End of 3rd grading period (44 days)

March 26  School Workday-Required- NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

March 27  School Workday-Optional- NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

March 30-April 2 Spring Break-Annual Leave

April 3   Holiday

April 7   PTA-Kindergarten Program 6:30

April 8   Spring Pictures (in gym)

April 14  3rd Report Card issued

April 17  PTA Carnival  5:00

May 6   Mid-Quarter Progress Reports

May 25  Memorial Day Holiday- NO SCHOOL 

June 9   End of 4th grading period (46 days)

Last Day for Students





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