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Letter to the Parents:


An important thing you can do for your child is to model a love for learning at home. You as parents can think collectively with your child to improve their learning at home. You can start by making the most of your home for after school enrichment. Think like a teacher is the first step in making your home an enjoyable learning environment for your child.

Here are a few ideas:  Put a hundred chart on the refrigerator, put letters, numbers, and sight words on the refrigerator, have the child make a grocery list, put the list in ABC order, practice spelling and math facts while eating dinner, and play scrabble to work on spelling in a fun way.


The more ways you help your child learn at home the better his/her understanding of new information will be.

Good luck and let me know how these things are helping you at home by dropping me a line via email. Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Thanks for caring,

Mr. Washington/ Contact me at  

Website of the week - http://www.softschools.com - Use this website to help you strengthen your reading and math skills.


Notes from the Teacher:

ENGLISH - For all students receiving one hour or more of reading services, student will now receive reading instructions through a research based reading program called, Corrective Reading. Each class will be working in a different workbook completing assignments after reading the story. This program will be taught everyday provided no interuptions via field trips, school programs, and any scheduled program that will remove half of the class from the classroom.

ENGLISH - For those student receiving less than one hour of reading services, we have a structured schedule every week. Guided reading and vocabulary will be taught on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while spelling, and writing will be taught on Tuesday and Thursday. We are currently reading a story called New Technology in the Civil War. Activities will consist of reading journals, guided reading with multiplice choice questions, vocabulary graphic organizer, summaries, and identifying literary terms in the story with explanation. 

Vocabulary for the week -  inventor, patent, telegraph, wiretapping, minnie ball, confederates, torpedo, anethesia, union, and medical station. 

No more Spelling Tests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - We have completed the entire list of the High Frequency Words. 

Vocabulary Practice - In preparation of the EOG, students will now practice as part of their warm-up learning how to use context clues to define vocabulary words through the Researched Based Program - Wordly Wise Book 4 for all classes. Students will practice about 10 to 15 words a week. There will be no homework assigned and all work will be done in class.   

Math, For the week of March 10 thr 21, students will be learing how to use Order of Operation to solve multi-step math computation sentences using adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals, solving two step word problems.  

Math Vocabulary

Parenthesis, Exponent, Multiplication, Division, Subtraction, Addition, and Order of Operation.

Save the Date:  

March 12th - 3rd Grade Walking Tour

March 13th - 5th Grade Symphony

March 19th - Spring Picture 

March 20th - Reading Extravaganza








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