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The Charles C. Erwin Middle School was named by the Board of Education in honor of Charles C. Erwin who was Superintendent of the Rowan County Schools for 20 years from 1945 until 1965.


Under his leadership the schools of the county achieved great progress. Many new buildings and additions were constructed during Mr. Erwin’s administration, the most notable being five new high schools: North  Rowan, Dunbar, East Rowan, West Rowan and South Rowan. Under his guidance North, East, West and South were elected to memberships in the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

During the time Mr. Erwin served as Superintendent the progress made by the schools of Rowan County became known state wide as the “rowan Story”. His leadership was recognized and sought state and nation wide. He served as President of the Division of Superintendents of the North Carolina Education Association and the Division of County and Rural Area Superintendents of the National Education Association. After his retirement, he served almost constantly as a consultant of school systems in all parts of the state.

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