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Elizabeth Duncan Koontz Elementary School opened its doors to students and staff for the first time in August 2006.  This K-5 school serves areas of Rowan County and the City of Salisbury that were formerly served by eight other elementary schools.  Those and other district schools provided most of the faculty that transferred to the new school.   The students and faculty are establishing a school culture built on mutual respect and high expectations for all.  The students chose the Panther as their school mascot because of its strength, perseverance, intelligence, and courage.  Koontz School students are expected to exhibit those same qualities as they encounter the challenges of life.  They are taught to practice he traits of good character along with their academic lessons.  Those traits were exemplified by our school’s namesake, Elizabeth Duncan Koontz, who served as an educational leader locally, across the state, and at the national level.  She served as the first African-American President of the National Education Association.  Through her life and work many young people were given quality educational experiences and much hope for successful lives.  Koontz School intends to build on that same legacy for decades to come.

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