Horizons Unlimited - MSP Lesson Plans

Horizons Unlimited - MSP Lesson Plans

Lesson/Unit Plan
Supporting Documents
Silly Circus Unit PlanSilly Circus Packet.pdf
 Science Notebook.pdf

Weather Wizards Unit PlanWeather Wizards Student Sheets.pdf
Sound And Motion Lesson Plan

Sound and Motion Monkey Business.flipchart.zip

Sound And Motion Student Resources.pdf

Lesson/Unit Plan
Supporting Documents
The Scoop On Soil Unit Plan 
Sun Moon Stars Unit Plan

Sun Moon Stars Vocabulary.pdf
Sun Moon Stars Lab Notebook.pdf
Sun Moon Stars.flipchart.zip

May The Force Be With YouMay the Force be with You PBL Key.pdf
Forces and Motion

Forces and Motion.flipchart_0.zip
Forces and Motion Flip-chart.pdf
Forces and Motion Lab Notebook.pdf
Forces and Motion Pre & Post Test.pdf
Forces and Motion Vocab. Cards.pdf

Lesson/Unit PlanSupporting Documents
Hold the Cold Unit Plan

Hold the Cold Posttest Key.pdf
Hold the Cold Posttest.pdf    
Hold the Cold Lab Notebook.pdf
Hold the Cold Pretest.pdf
Hold the Cold Pretest Key.pdf
Hold the Cold Penguin Award.pdf

Water Cycle Unit Plan 
Matter Unit PlanMatter Pre-test.pdf
Sound Final Unit Plan

Sound Template.pdf
Sound Energy.flp_.zip
Sound Energy.pdf
Sound Lesson Plans.pdf
Sound Review.flp_.zip
Sound Review.pdf

Sound and Motion Unit Plan  
Lesson/Unit PlanSupporting Documents
Thermal Energy Unit Plan

Thermal Energy Journal.pdf
Thermal Energy Review.flipchart.zip
Thermal Energy Review.pdf
Thermal Energy Transfer Vocab Cards.pdf
 Thermal Energy Transfer.flipchart.zip
Thermal Energy Transfer.pdf
Thermal Energy Transfer Posttest.pdf
Thermal Energy Pretest.pdf
Thermal Energy Presentation Template_.pdf

Energy Insulation Conduction Unit Plan
Forms of Energy Reading Comp.pdf
Energy Transfer Pre & Post.pdf
Pass the Baggies Lab.pdf
How Windmills Work Reading Comp.pdf
It's Shocking.pdf
Wind Energy Reading Comp.pdf
Soaking Up Sun.pdf
Lab Rubric.pdf
Energy TransferEnergy Post-Assesment.pdf
Intro. Electricity.pdf
Drive with Energy Labquest.pdf
Exit Slips.pdf
Lesson Outline.pdf
Marshmallow Data Table.pdf
Quality Assurance_.pdf
Stuck On You.pdf
Keeping Warm.pdf
Matter Matters Unit Plan 
Matter Unit Plan

Literacy Language Vocabulary SOM.pdf
Deep Thoughts on Matter.pdf
Three States of Matter Article.pdf
States of Matter Pictures.pdf
Three States of Matter Song.pdf
States of Matter Project.pdf
Matter Sorting Worksheet.pdf
Matter Experiments.pdf
Matter Crossword.pdf
KWL Chart.pdf
Backboard Rubric.pdf
Experiment Rubric.pdf
Three States of Matter Article.pdf
What's the Matter Worksheet.pdf
Why Does Matter Matter? Article.pdf

What is Matter Video

They Might Be Giants Video

Takes Up Space Video

Thermal Energy Transfer UnitThermal Energy Transfer Posttest.pdf
Types of Energy Unit PlanEnergy Pre & Posttest.pdf
Weather Unit Plan 
Force and MotionBar Graphic Rubric.pdf
Exit Slips.pdf
Finding Forces.pdf
Pic 1.pdf
Pic 2.pdf
Picture Rubric.pdf
Vocabulary Four Corners.pdf
What a Drag 29.pdf
What a Drag LQ 29.pdf
Forces and Motion

Engineering Design Process.pdf
Eng. Process Cycle.pdf

Forces and Motion PBL Keynote.pdf
Forces PBL Blueprint.pdf
PBL Forces and Motion Rubric.pdf

Fantastic Forces Magnificent Motion Unit Plans

Fantastic Forces Magnificent Motion.flipchart_1.zip

Fantastic Forces Magnificent Motion.pdf

Fantastic Forces Magnificent Motion Adapted Test.pdf
Fantastic Forces Magnificent Motion Assessment.pdf
Fantastic Forces Magnificent Motion Documents.pdf

Forces and Motion Unit Plan

Engineering Design Process.pdf

Forces and Motion_Resources.pdf
ICE Chart.pdf
Material Drop Data Sheet.pdf
Problem Summary Forces_and Motion Unit.pdf
Speed Walk Data Sheet.pdf
Speed Walking Experiment Directions.pdf

Sound And Motion Unit Plan 

Lesson/Unit PlanSupporting Documents
Forms of Energy Unit Plan

Electrical Energy Poster.pdf
Energy and Light Assessment.pdf
Energy Certificate.pdf
Energy Lab Book.pdf
Energy Light Plan Keynote Vocab.pdf
Energy Scavenger Hunt.pdf
Heat Energy Poster.pdf
KWL Chart.pdf
Light Energy_Poster.pdf
Light Absorption Reflection Refraction Quiz.pdf
Magnetic Energy Poster.pdf
MSP Energy Outline.pdf
Science of Light Video Match.pdf
Reflection Video Activity Draw and Label.pdf
Refraction True False.pdf
Science Booklet Part 35.pdf
Sound Energy Poster.pdf
Sources of Light Straight Lines Exit Slip.pdf
Study Jams_Electricity Quiz.pdf
Study Jams_Sound Quiz.pdf
Study Jams Heat.pdf
Study Jams Light Quiz.pdf
Study Jams Magnetism.pdf
Energy Flipchart.flipchart_1.zip

I've Got the Power Unit PlanDo You Have the Power Pre-assessment.pdf
Driving with Energy.pdf
Energy Centers.pdf
Super Sleuth of Energy.pdf
Do You Have the Power Post-assessment.pdf
Magnets at Work Unit Plan 
Mighty Magnets Unit PlanMighty Magnets Pre/Post.pdf
Mighty Magnet Book _1.pdf
The Munching Musher Unit PlanMagnets at Work Links.pdf
Magnets at Work Making Magnets flipchart.flipchart_1.zip
Magnets and Motion Pre/Posttest Key.pdf
Magnets and Motion Pre/Posttest.pdf
Volcanoes Unit Plan

ICE Chart.pdf
Liquid Layers.pdf
Natures Fireworks.pdf
Noted Resources.pdf
Pre and Posttest.pdf
Under Pressure Lab Notebook.pdf
Volatile Volcanoes.pdf

Weather Unit Plan 
Sound and Motion Unit Plan

Sound and Motion Assembling a Slide_Whistle.pdf

Sound and Motion at a Table How Sound Travels Through Various Materials.pdf

Sound and Motion Drumming Monkey_Teacher Notes.pdf
Sound and Motion Making_Straw_Reed_Instruments.pdf
Sound and Motion Making Sounds Without_Vocal Cords.pdf
Sound and Motion Monkey Business.flipchart_1.zip
Sound and Motion Monkey Business.pdf
Sound and Motion Pre and Posttest.pdf
Sound and Motion Protecting Our Hearing.pdf
Sound and Motion Record_Sheet Form 4a.pdf
Sound and Motion Sound PBL Planning Form.pdf

From Darkness to Light PBL Unit PlanFrom Darkness to Light_Oral Communication Rubric.pdf
From Darkness to Light Written Communication Rubric.pdf
From Darkness to Light Electrical Circuits Keynote_1.zip
From Darkness to Light Electrical Circuits Slideshow.pdf
From Darkness to Light Flipchart.flipchart_1.zip
From Darkness to Light Flipchart.pdf
From Darkness to Light Project Introduction Document.pdf
From Darkness to Light Written Communication Rubric.pdf
Forces and Motion
Forces and Motion Keynote_1.zip
Forces and Motion Keynote.pdf
Maglev Train Questions.pdf
Read Works Magnetism.pdf
Key to PEData Collection.pdf
Unit Plan Magnets and MotionElectromagnetism Worksheet.pdf
Magnet Booklet.pdf
Magnets and Motion Pre/Posttest key.pdf
Magnets and Motion Pre/Posttest.pdf
Magnet Unit.flipchart.zip

Lesson/Unit PlanSupporting Documents
Biome Cafe 
The Heat is On Unit PlanLab Notebook.pdf
Rubric Comic Life.pdf
Gallery Walk Template.pdf
Vocabulary Dictionary Template.pdf
Heat Transfer Unit PlanABC Sheet.pdf
Blowing Bubbles Experiment.pdf
Heat Transfer.pdf
Hold Everything: Comparing Insulators LQ.pdf
Hot Coffee Experiment.pdf
Keeping it Cool: Design Your Own Thermos.pdf
Pre/Post-assessment Answer Key.pdf
The_Great Backwards Ice Cube Melting_Race.pdf
Weather Density Lesson Plan 
Acid Rain Lesson Plan 
Got Food Unit PlanGot Food Assessment.pdf
Got Food Schedule.pdf
Got Food Timeline.pdf
Got Food Social Studies Integration.pdf
Geocaching Activity.pdf
Geocaching Log.pdf
Setting Waypoints.pdf
Waypoint Questions.pdf
What's the Weight.pdf
U-boat Math.pdf
Salt Dough Recipe.pdf
Out of the Dust Unit Plan

Out of the Dust Photographs.pdf

Out of the Dust LQ Learning to use Temp. Probe.pdf

Weather Under Pressure Unit PlanPre-test Temperature-Air Pressure.pdf
Post-test Temperature-Air Pressure.pdf
Exit Questions.pdf
Air Pressure Station Cards.pdf
Air Pressure Stations Data Sheet.pdf
Marshmallow Data Sheet.pdf
Science Poster Rubric.pdf
Seasons Data Sheet.pdf
Temperature Data Sheet.pdf
Weather Under Pressure Assessments.pdf
Friction Unit Plan

Activity Using the GoMotion Sensor.pdf

Egg Drop Movie Trailer

Egg Drop PBL Lesson.pdf
How Friction Affects Motion.pdf
The Force of Gravity.pdf
Willy Wonka PBL Challenge Card.pdf
Working with Vernier Sensors and Probes.pdf

Force and Motion UnitDesign Your Own Experiment Writeup.pdf
Force and Motion ABC Chart.pdf
Force and Motion I Have Who Has Cards.pdf
Force and Motion Lab Sheet.pdf
Force and Motion Unit.pdf
Newtons First Law Handout.pdf
Newtons First Law Introductory.pdf
Note Taking Guide.pdf
Vocabulary Dictionary Template.pdf
Force and Motion Fill in the Blank_1.pdf

Lesson/Unit PlanSupporting Documents
Forms of Energy Transfer Unit Plan

Absorption of Radiant Energy Labquest.pdf
Transfer Boiling Water Lab.pdf
Energy Transfer Concept_Summary.flipchart_1.zip
Freezing Water Lab.pdf
Hot Hands Lab.pdf
How Low Can You Go Lab.pdf
Energy Transfer Shaqv.pdf
Energy Transfer Solar Home Lab.pdf
Energy Transfer Unit Assessment.pdf
Energy Transfer Ziplock Ice Cream Lesson.pdf
Energy Transfer Ziplock Ice Cream.pdf
Energy Transfer Ziplock Ice Pop Lesson.pdf

Thermal Energy Unit PlanAssessment Plan.pdf
Cold Stuff Inquiry.pdf
Hot and Cold Inquiry.pdf
Solar Oven Inquiry.pdf
Thermal Energy Concepts.pdf
Photosynthesis Unit PlanAssessment.pdf
Bublicious Lab.pdf
Bublicious Lab Report.pdf
Let the Water Out Inquiry.pdf
Make the Molecule Drama.pdf
Plant_Respiration Inquiry.pdf
Plant Respiration Lab1.pdf
Plant Respiration Lab2.pdf
Still Bubilicious Rubric.pdf
Sweaty Plants Lab.pdf
Circus Unit Plan

Angular Motion.pdf
Center Mass.pdf
Centripital Motion.pdf

Circus Letter.pdf
Collaboration Rubric.pdf
Collaboration Rubric 2.pdf
Essential Question Statements.pdf
Linear Motion.pdf
Newton Laws.pdf

Newton Laws.pdf
PBL Assessment.pdf
Projectile Motion.pdf
Unit Summative Assessment.pdf


Motion Unit PlanDisc Days.pdf
Draw a Scientist.pdf
Emotion Cards.pdf
Gummy Bear Graphing.pdf
Lab Rubric.pdf
Marble Ramp.pdf
Metric Mania.pdf
Metric Notes.pdf
Obs Inference.pdf
Parachute Lab.pdf
Penny Lab.pdf
Real World Science.pdf
Save Fred Lab.pdf
Spot Scientific Method.pdf

Lesson/Unit PlanSupporting Documents
Cell Parts Unit PlanCell Diagram Wkst.pdf
Cell Functions.pdf
Cell Functions_Name.pdf
Cells Organelles Wkst.pdf
Incredible Edible Cell.pdf
Inside a Cell Worksheet.pdf
Density Weather Unit Plan 
Energy Unit Plan 
Roller Coaster Energy Unit 
Unit Plan Scientific Method

Baby Jessica Lab Directions.pdf
Equipment Gallery Walk.pdf
Lab Equipment.key_.pdf
Jessica McClure Article.pdf
Lab Equipment.pdf
Newspaper Article Baby Jessica.pdf
Pics for Jessica PBL.pdf
Pretest Scientific Method.pdf

Scientific Investigation Flipchart.pdf
Scientific Method Flipchart.pdf

Lesson/Unit PlanSupporting Documents
Energy Lorax Unit Plan

Activities and Procedures.pdf
Renewable & Nonrenewable Cards1.pdf


Renewable & Nonrenewable Cards2.pdf
Renewable & Nonrenewable 2.pdf
Renewable & Nonrenewable T-chart.pdf
Cluster Map.pdf

Teacher Background.pdf
Energy Detective Activity.pdf
Renew a Bean Activity.pdf
Energy Conversions Activity.pdf
Ecosystem Investigation.pdf

Which Has More Heat Energy.pdf
Petroleum Scavenger Hunt.pdf
Energy Source Webquest Intermediate.pdf

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