Federal Programs-Teacher Resources

Federal Programs-Teacher Resources


  • The ESL teacher and Lead ESL Teacher will provide support for the regular classroom teacher.  They will provide on-going training on such topics as, the English language proficiency standards, classroom modifications, cultural awareness, best practices, and student assessment data.  ESL teachers should share information at regular staff meetings, in grade level/department meetings or individually with teachers.  Training and workshops are to be documented on the ESL Classroom Training Form. 
  • ESL teachers are expected to meet with classroom teachers on a regular basis.  They must maintain a documentation file of teacher contacts.
  • ESL teachers should attend the training provided by the curriculum coach at their school to become familiar with the Systemwide Curriculum Focus areas.  The ESL program will provide systemwide training, Sheltered Instruction and WIDA English Language Proficiency standards for ESL and classroom teachers.


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Instructional Strategies to Support ELL's

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The GO TO Strategies: Scaffolding Options for Teachers of ELL, K-12

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