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Technology - Parent Portal - FAQ

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Q. What is the PowerSchool Parent Portal?

The Parent Portal is an easy-to-use, secure communication tool connecting teachers and parents. It allows parents to see grades and attendance in real time at anytime they find convenient. The Parent Portal will allow collaboration amongst all stakeholders to improve student achievement.


Q. What can I see on PowerSchool Parent Portal site?  

Parents can access the following information: grades for current classes (for grades 3 - 12 only right now), attendance for the past two weeks or the whole term, teachers comments and various reports via email.


Q. Whom should I contact if I have a question?

If you have a question concerning your student’s grade or attendance please contact the teacher.


Q. What do I do if I forgot my login information or I feel my account has been compromised?

First try the “Having trouble logging in?” link on the Parent Portal site. If you can’t get it resolved that way you must come to the school and speak with someone in the office.


Q. Can I print what I see?

Yes, most pages have a print icon in the upper right hand corner.


Q. Do I need to logout of PowerSchool Parent Portal?

For your child’s privacy you should log out when you are finished. If you choose not to anyone can sit down at your computer and see the information from the Parent Portal.


Q. I am not getting emails from PowerSchool. Why?

There could be multiple reasons for this:

-Did you sign-up for Email Notifications on the Email Notifications page? Please double check the email address you entered because if one character (letter/number/space) is off, you won’t receive emails.

-Does your email program have a spam blocker that could be blocking the messages? If so, you will want to add the email address to the list of “allowed” email addresses so PowerSchool emails can get through.

-Did you check your email's BULK or SPAM folder? Check to see if the messages are going there and choose to mark them as NOT SPAM. You will have to consult your email's help menu or manual to learn how to do this as it is different for every email program.


Q. I replied to the PowerSchool auto-email with a question, but have not received a response. Why?

The PowerSchool email is created auto-generated and sent by the PowerSchool server, not by an individual. The reply to address is an unmanned, unread email account and your email went to that address. If you have questions about your child's progress, please direct those questions directly to the faculty member.


Q. When I click on the teacher’s name to email the teacher, my email program doesn’t work correctly or does not open.

Unfortunately, this is not a problem we can help you with since everyone’s email programs are different. Your email program needs to be setup correctly on your computer. You may want to view the HELP area or menu for your email program or contact your Internet Service Provider for further assistance.


Q. I can't login to the parent or student portal. I put in my username and password and click submit. After clicking submit, the page reloads to a blank username and password line and does not login. Help?

Depending on your browser, you will need to find the Internet Security area and turn it down a level or two so cookies are accepted. You can find out more information about this by going to your web browser's help menu and doing a search on "cookies" or "internet security."


Q. The nine weeks or semester just ended, why can I not see the grades for individual assignments?

Once the nine weeks ends or semester is finished and grades are finalized you can only see the "FINAL" grade. Individual grade assignments are no longer available via the Parent Portal. Contact your school directly to have an individual assignment report generated.



Q. How does one get a PowerSchool Parent Portal username and password?

Access letters are sent home with the first report card of the year. After that you must go to the student’s school and show proof of identification to get the codes to log in.


Q. Do I need a separate login for each of my children?  

No, you can have as many children on your account as you need.


Q. How many times can I log in incorrectly?

You can attempt to log in five times incorrectly. At that time the system will lock you out until the next day.


Q. I try to log on to the site, but I keep getting an error message "login has expired" or "cannot access site". What is wrong?

All browsers are not created equal, and some refuse to give up what they have in their cache. In Internet Explorer, make sure pages are set to update "always" (under Tools-->Internet Options). If that doesn't work, empty your cache.


Q. When I go to the log on page, the password fills in with dots all the way across. Why?

What is happening is that the computer is remembering the password but not giving clues to how long it is. Apparently, someone clicked "yes" to remember password and PowerSchool Parent Portal does not like it. So now you will need to clear the password.

   Follow the steps below to clear the password.

   Open Internet Explorer

   Click on Tools-->Internet Options

   Under Browsing history, click on Delete

   Select Passwords and Form data and delete both.




Q. When can I access the PowerSchool Parent Portal?

The Parent Portal will be available to registered parent(s)/guardian(s) 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any internet connected device.


Q. How do I get a user name and password for the Parent Portal?

This will be provided by your child's school. Only parents who are identified as having "custody" or identified as a "records custodian" can access the Parent Portal once they have provided the school with a valid photo id (in person) and followed the steps provided by the school.


Q. Is this system secure?  

Yes, the system requires a Student Access Key for each child. The Student Access Key, username, and password must be kept confidential by parents.


Q. Can other people see my child's grades?

As long as YOU protect your password, only you and school district employees associated with your child will be able to see your child’s grades.


Q. My husband/wife and I are separated/divorced or we want our own logins; can we get another parent username and password for our child’s account?   

Yes, both parents can have their own username and password that is linked with the Student's Access Key .


Q. What if I do not have a computer at home or do not have access to the Internet?

The public library and many local establishments provide internet access free of charge. Any internet capable device can access the Parent Portal.



Q. Do all teachers post grade and attendance information to the PowerSchool Parent Portal server?  

Yes. Grades will be posted by the teacher. Remember, the teacher's grade book is a "snapshot in time" and not necessarily an accurate reflection of the student's overall progress or performance. Similarly, the student's grade average may change depending on the weight or value of graded work. Some teachers may choose to simply post an updated current average every couple of weeks while others will be posting individual assignments with due dates and descriptions.


Q. How often can we expect grades to be updated?     

Teachers need time to grade projects, assignments and tests. Please be patient because there are many factors that determine how soon a teacher can assess and return assignments. Essays and research papers take longer to grade than a quiz.


Q. I know that teachers sometimes weight different categories of grades.  How does this affect how a grade is calculated?

Each teacher has his or her own grading system.  Our teachers inform all of their students at the beginning of the course what their expectations and grading policy will be. To understand a specific grade calculation, please contact the teacher.


Q. How often can we expect attendance to be updated?

Attendance is updated daily. Unexcused absences may take a few extra days to be updated (changed to "excused") depending on the number of absences, promptness of the parent excuse note and/or day of the week.


Q. Why are the grades changing dramatically in the beginning of a term?

When there are only one or two assignments in the gradebook, a low or high score can make a dramatic change in the overall grade average. The gradebook instantly recalculates the overall grade as every assignment is entered.




Q. What do I do if I am unable to connect to the PowerSchool Parent Portal?

First, check to ensure that your Internet service is working properly. Next, validate that you are using the correct id, password and URL (

     If you are still unable to connect, contact your child's school office during school hours for additional help.


Q. I am concerned about the grades that are showing for my child on the Parent Portal, who do I contact?

Initially, parents should always contact the teacher.


Q. Why does it take a long time for PowerSchool to load in my web browser?

The speed at which your web browser can display a specific website depends on the speed of your own internet connection. Naturally, if you are using dial-up, it will be slower than using DSL or cable modem.


Q. What type of computer or software is required to access the Parent Portal?

 Basically any computer (PC or MAC) with an Internet connection (Recommend: DSL or cable modem) running the following browsers:

Minimum –

Internet Explorer – Version 6

Firefox – Version - 1.5

Mozilla – Version - 1.7

Netscape Navigator – Version - 7.2 (only on Linux / Unix)

Netscape Navigator – Version - 8.1

Safari Version - 2.0 (only on Macintosh OSX)

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