Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather


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During extremely bad weather or emergency situations, it may become necessary for a decision to be made concerning whether or not to close, delay or keep schools open. When a decision is made in the late afternoon or early morning that schools will be delayed or closed, it must be relayed quickly to all parents and staff. In order to accomplish this task efficiently, your cooperation is requested by following these procedures:


As soon as the Superintendent has made a decision on whether or not to delay or close schools, the following notifications will be made immediately:

  • Notice on the district’s website
  • Connect-ED message to all RSS staff and families
  • Twitter: Rowan-Salisbury Schools - @RSSinformation
  • Twitter: Superintendent Dr. Lynn Moody - @lynn_moody
  •  Facebook: Rowan-Salisbury Schools -  
  • The local media via newspapers, radio, and TV stations


Be assured that the safety of students and staff is top priority. The decision to delay or close schools during inclement weather is one of the most important decisions a superintendent can make and these decisions are made on the side of caution.

 Any action taken will always be made in good faith. It is important to note that Rowan County is a big county and where one part of the county may not be experiencing bad road conditions, that may not be the case in another part of the county. We ask for your cooperation and understanding during times of inclement weather and important decisions by our administration.

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