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Curriculum & Instruction-Teaching Resources

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Additional Instructional SupportCommon Core

NCDPI Wiki - The Department of Public Instruction is developing a wide array of instructional resources to support educators in the implementation of the new Common Core State and North Carolina Essential Standards.

NCDPI Common Core Instructional Support Tools - This Instructional Toolkit is designed to help teachers pattern their instruction and classroom student assessments to the state's newly adopted curriculum

EngageNY - Common Core-aligned educational resources, instructional content, performance tasks, and assessment guidelines and materials developed by NYSED and our partnersTeacher/Leader Effectiveness materials and resources, such as guidance around Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) and the Value Added Measure (VAM)Professional development resources; such as data driven instruction materials and supportsVideo library; including Common Core VideosNetwork team communityResources for Parents

Read Tennessee - The goal of is to provide teachers with learning expectations and appropriate activities for their students, sample lesson plans, video clips, and articles that will help them plan lessons and assist them in teaching the more challenging lessons in greater depth.

Utah Education Network Utah's state wide site that was developed to help implement Common Core. This site has resources for parents and teachers.

50 Common Core Resources for Teachers - Fifty websites broken down by Groups and Organizations, Useful Resources, Curriculum Development, Blogs, State Tools, and Articles and Presentations.

Read Tennesse Math Site - This math portal was designed in collaboration with agencies, institutions and mathematicians to broaden access to quality, evidence-based practices.

Kahn Academy - The Kahn Academy site "covers K-12 math, science topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics, and even reaches into the humanities with playlists on finance and history. Each video is a digestible chunk, approximately 10 minutes long, and especially purposed for viewing on the computer."

Math K-5

Education World's Math Subject Center - your one-stop shop for free math teaching materials. Be sure to check out the sidebar on this page for links to math lesson plans, printable work sheets, and other tools and resources.

PBD MathLine - Math activities divided by concept.

Math 6-12

PBS Learning Media - Videos of math concepts

Nrich - Hands on math activities, divided by grade level, to help enrich student understanding of math concepts. Divided by grade level.

English/Language Arts

English/Language Arts K-5

NCDPI Common Core Instructional Tools Site

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Book Hive - Search book reviews, view book list by grade orlisten to a story.

Web English Teacher - At Web English Teacher educators can take advantage of online technology to share ideas and to benefit from the work of others. Beginning teachers can find guidance; experienced teachers can find inspiration. Think of it as the faculty library and faculty workroom on a global scale.

Read Write Think - our mission is to provide educators, parents, and afterschool professionals with access to the highest quality practices in reading and language arts instruction by offering the very best in free materials.

English/Language Arts 6-12

Teenreads - Provides readers with thoughtful book reviews, compelling features, in-depth author profiles and interviews, excerpts of the hottest new releases, contests and more every week.

PurdueOWL - The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material.

Science K-5

Teach Engineering K-12 - a searchable, web-based digital library collection populated with standards-based engineering curricula for use by K-12 teachers and engineering faculty to make applied science and math (engineering) come alive in K-12 settings.

Science Fair Central -  Provides resources for guiding students through the process of picking a project to creating the display also has over 100 project ideas.

Science 6-12 - provides peer reviewed articles by scientists, science educators, and science students on issues related to six bioscience content areas: environment, biodiversity, genomics, biotechnology, evolution, and science policy.

Hands-on Activities for Teaching Biology - A collection of hands on activities to help deepen the understanding of biology.

Teach-nology - List of websites and a description of what they cover.

Social Studies

General Resources

Digital History - This Web site was designed and developed to support the teaching of American History in K-12 schools.

Do - is the country's largest not-for-profit for young people and social change.

National Geographic - National Geographic Education is responsible for creating educational programs and resources for schools, out-of-school settings, and the home. National Geographic Education’s work targets two goals: Geo-Literacy and Educational Outreach.

NC History Museum - The division interprets history through exhibitions, educational programs, and publications available to the visitor on-site or through distance-learning technologies.

Social Studies K-5

State of NC Kids Page - Information about the state of North Carolina for kids.

Colonial Williamsburg - The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation operates the world’s largest living history museum in Williamsburg, Virginia—the restored 18th-century capital of Britain’s largest, wealthiest, and most populous outpost of empire in the New World.

Scholastic News- Scholastic News site with videos and articles on recent news events.

Social Studies 6-12

Planet in Peril - "Planet in Peril" examines the environmental conflicts between growing populations and natural resources. A worldwide investigation by Anderson Cooper and chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Do Something - is the country's largest not-for-profit for young people and social change.

Teaching Channel - Teaching Channel is a video showcase—on the Internet and TV—of inspiring and effective teaching practices in America's schools. We have a rapidly growing community of registered members who trade ideas and share inspiration from each other.

Teacher Tube - A site that provides an online community for sharing instructional videos. They fill a need for a more educationally focused, safe venue for teachers, schools, and home learners. It is a site to provide anytime, anywhere professional development with teachers teaching teachers. As well, it is a site where teachers can post videos designed for students to view in order to learn a concept or skill.

Edutopia - Edutopia is a website published by the George Lucas Educational Foundation. The Foundation "celebrates and encourages innovation" in K-12 schools.

Integrating Technology into the Classroom using Instructional Strategies - These authors have examined decades of research to determine which teaching strategies have positive effects on student learning. The activities on this web page offer technology resources to give students the opportunity to increase their academic achievement.

Virtual Field Trips:

Pyramids - Walk throuhg the pyramids and explore them as they are seen today.

Gettysburg -  This multi-node panorama will take you to the twenty-one places on the Gettysburg battlefield.

Ellis Island - Follow in the immigrants' footsteps by taking this tour. You'll hear first-hand stories told by people who came through Ellis Island; see historical photographs and films; read fascinating facts; and discover the central role this station played in the story of American immigration.

Sistine Chapel - See the paintings of the sistene Chapel through this web site.

Virtual School House - List of links

The Teachers Guide - List of links

A Guide to Interactive Class Travel: Virtual Field Trips & eField Trips - List of links

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