Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Bloodborne Pathogen Training


It is REQUIRED by OSHA guidelines that all employees in an At Risk position complete this course upon hire and yearly.  This course must be completed within ten working days of employment.

After viewing the sessions, you may ask questions and clarify information pertaining to bloodborne pathogens with your site-based trainer. 

Each school has an Exposure Control Plan, as defined by OSHA standards, in the school office for employee reference. The plan can also be accessed online at Your school based trainer and school nurse are available for questions.

For more information related to OSHA or BBP you may visit

Click the links below to begin the training. These links are repeated at the bottom of each page for easy navigation.

Session 1 - Bloodborne Pathogens

Session 2 - Transmission

Session 3 - Recognition and Prevention of Bloodborne Pathogen Exposures

Session 4 - Universal Precautions and Work Practice Controls

Session 5 - Housekeeping and Environmental Issues

Session 6 - What To Do For An Exposure

Session 7 - Hep B Vaccine

Session 8 - Update

Session 9 - Training Acknowledgement Form


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